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Sanitising of the passenger compartments and water disinfection for Camper and Yachts
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Ozone is a natural gas universally used as a disinfectant which doesn’t leave CHEMICAL residues. IT DOESN’T MASK SMELLS, IT ELIMINATES THEM !!

These Ozone properties are used throughout the world for both environmental and water disinfection.


Diffusione OzOnO was established with the aim of exploiting the properties of this natural gas to their utmost so as to improve the quality of life and reduce the use of harmful chemical products.


:: Ozone is microbicidal because it kills bacteria through cellular lysis, attacking their protective membranes by means of an oxidative mechanism and altering the internal enzymes without leaving chemical residues. Many viruses are initially inactivated and then physically destroyed, while in other viruses the Ozone penetrates deep inside damaging the viral nucleic acids. Furthermore, organic molecules are attacked by the Ozone through an oxidizing action of the atomic oxygen (O) or through the formation of instable composites (Ozonide) that break up the actual molecules.


:: Ozone is deodorizing because the action of the Ozone does not cause a masking effect but a destruction of the volatiles contained in the odour carrier, therefore it doesn’t cover the odour but eliminates it.



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Sanitising and deodorising of the passenger compartments and air conditioning systems air circulation.
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Realisation of the first official and certificated Protocol for ambulances disinfection.
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A real innovation for sanitising the passenger compartments and making water bacteriologically pure.
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The solution to sanitize the passenger compartments and make water bacteriologically pure.
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