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AUTOMOTIVE solutions
Those working in the automotive field (dealers, automobile repairs, bodywork shops, etc.) understand more and more every day how important the “Service” is and those who offer their clients an even more competent service are the winners.
A new service is always highly requested and valued in this field: the sanitising and deodorising of the passenger compartments and air conditioning systems air circulation.

AutomotiveWhat has the market got to offer at present for this type of sanitising treatment?
• for sanitising: chemical products (spray cans - atomizers – foams) that always leave chemical residues;
• for odours: scented chemical products (arbre magique – ambi pur – etc.), these being chemical substances that conceal the odours adding odour onto odour, without removing them.
The manual sanitising operations of the passenger compartments and air conditioning systems of moto vehicles with chemical products are insufficient because there are points where it is difficult, if not impossible, to remove the contaminant: here these bacteria, viruses, spores, moulds, etc. proliferate and this accumulation of micro-organisms infects the environment and becomes a source of bad odours.
Infact the chemical products that are on sale at present:
- are often insufficient;
- often require long application times;
- always leave chemical residues (often toxic);
- are expensive for the operator and therefore the client;
- do not guarantee a satisfactory result even in “difficult points”.

No sanitising chemical product is able to destroy all micro-organisms, but Ozone can!!
After years of research and tests exploiting the microbicidal and deodorizing properties of Ozone, Roberto Giugni, founding partner of Diffusione OzOnO, has perfected and patented a new technologically advanced System that does more than just sanitising, to disinfect and deodorize the passenger compartment and the air conditioning system of the vehicle:
that's the DO3 TREATMENT!
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AMBULANCE solutions

An ambulance that is in use has to be cleaned and disinfected every day to ensure the health and safety of the ambulance crew and the patients. However, disinfecting an ambulance depends on many factors and "manual" cleaning and disinfecting using chemicals do not provide guaranteed results and may lead to a progressive deterioration of "hygienic" conditions. In addition, using chemicals for disinfecting creates problems (counterindications) due to the difference in the materials of the different surfaces, storage of the containers before use and the disposal of liquid residues after use.
It is thus reasonable to assume that cleaning and disinfecting have to follow two distinct procedures.

Cleaning an ambulance is defined as the cleansing of all the surfaces inside the vehicle.

Instead of using disinfecting chemicals (that often leave harmful traces) we propose using a disinfecting system that does not require the addition of chemical liquids, has no counterindications on the surfaces of different materials and also acts on the points that the operator cannot reach. The system is based on the use of a natural gas, OZONE (O3),which is universally recognised as being the natural choice for disinfecting surfaces in confined environments.

These are its properties:
- It is microbicidal because it kills bacteria by cell lysis by attacking the protective membranes of the cells using an oxidative mechanism and altering their internal enzymes without leaving chemical residues.
- It is a deodorant because the action of the ozone does not merely mask but destroys the volatile compounds contained in the odour-bearing groups, so it does not disguise odours but eliminates them.
The system of disinfecting with ozone ensures perfect repeatability of the treatment because it reaches all the surfaces (control panels, raised surfaces, the grooves for holding the stretcher in place, walls and floors, etc) regardless of position and shape, enabling bacteria to be eliminated without leaving chemical residues.

In order to fully exploit these properties of ozone, from January to September 2009 numerous checks and tests were conducted to determine the doses and method of applications required to ensure the efficacy of this specific disinfection treatment.
The tests were conducted at the operational headquarters of the Trent Provincial Committee of the Italian Red Cross in the presence of the Health Director, Dr Giovanni Tononi, who provided the ambulances.

All the tests were conducted by the public health laboratories of the Provincial Company for Health Services of the Autonomous Province of Trento by Dr Italo Dell’Eva, the Laboratory Director, and Dr Fabrizia Helfer, the Head of Section, in order to ascertain the effectiveness of the treatment.
These tests were repeated several times and considered both the internal surfaces of the ambulances treated with ozone and cultures of specific bacterial strains that were subjected to the same treatment.

The final response to ozone treatment was extremely positive.
The microbes on the examined surfaces were in fact largely eliminated and there was significant bactericide and bacteriostatic activity against both gram-negative and gram-positive strains (Pseudomonas Aeruginosa - Escherichia Coli - Staphylococcus Aureus – Enterococco - Legionella Pneumofila).
Treatment is administered by an ozone generator that has been designed and engineered to produce the exact quantity of gas that is required to ensure optimum disinfection without counterindications.

The method of application
The ozone generator located inside the ambulance saturates the operational compartments (the patient area and the driving cab) with the gas to enable operations to be conducted in total safety and without any need for the presence of an operator and works independently according to standardised automatic procedures. At the end of treatment, which takes 3 hours in total, the ambulance is completely disinfected and deodorised and is ready for the next call.

This method thus enables the ambulance to be disinfected at the end of each working day when it is parked and is not on call or whenever disinfection is required (contamination ascertained because of transportation of patients at risk).


DO3 TREATMENT (Italian patent n. 1362274 - European Patent Pending No. 06013927.6) it's an innovative method.
It doesn't require chemicals and is activated by means of Generator that transforms the Oxygen (O2) in the air, into nearly pure Ozone (O3), without releasing chemical residues. The Generator has been designed to produce the exact amount of gas required to obtain the best result without causing any contra-indications.

Trattamento DO3Why is Ozone more convenient than chemical products?
• it does not need labour;
• it does not use chemical substances;
• it does not leave chemical residues;
• it has no contra-indications when used in accordance with the instructions.

With the following added advantages:
• no ordinary maintenance;
• no chemical products in the store;
• cost of the treatment quantifiable in only electrical energy consumption (18 Watt/ hour).

DO3 TREATMENT Is complete, effective and decisive and allows the worker to perform:
• the STANDARD TREATMENT (of 30 minutes), which ensures top hygiene guaranteeing the total elimination of normal bacteria and odours in the passenger compartment and the air conditioning system.
• the SUPPLEMENTARY TREATMENTS (of 30 minutes each), which are made or to perform resolving operations in the air conditioning system, killing the mould that build-up on the cooler or to totally eliminate particularly heavy organic or inorganic odours in the passenger compartment.

The real opportunity is putting into “SERVICE” the “Standard Treatment” because it ensures:
1) a secure a notable Image return
• for QUALITY – guarantees a very qualified and qualifying service;
• for PROFESSIONALISM - “DO3 Treatment” is only supplied to qualified operators.
2) a notable Advertising Return, because they are supplied free of charge
• brochures for client distribution;
• cards attesting that the treatment has been carried out, which are placed inside the vehicle.
3) an interesting Economical return, because, if requested or offered, we advise you to sell the “Standard Treatment” to an just price.

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What is Ozone?
Ozone (allotropic state of Oxygen) is an unstable gas made up of three molecules of Oxygen (O3) that can be produced:
• through electrical discharge
• through glow discharge (Corona effect)
• through the irradiation of ultraviolet rays
• through chemical process
In addition to producing ozone, the electrical discharges can also produce nitric oxide as well as nitric acid, especially in humid conditions. The glow discharge or Corona effect produces nearly pure ozone, both using oxygen in bottles as well as atmospheric oxygen, and it is for this reason that this method should be used to produce ozone for the disinfection of air and water.

OzonoOzone is a natural gas that is universally recognised for its properties:

:: it is microbicidal because it kills bacteria through cellular lysis, attacking their protective membranes by means of an oxidative mechanism and altering the internal enzymes without leaving chemical residues. Many viruses are initially inactivated and then physically destroyed, while in other viruses the Ozone penetrates deep inside damaging the viral nucleic acids. Furthermore, organic molecules are attacked by the Ozone through an oxidizing action of the atomic oxygen (O) or through the formation of instable composites (Ozonide) that break up the actual molecules.

:: it is deodorizing because the action of the Ozone does not cause a masking effect but a destruction of the volatiles contained in the odour carrier, therefore it doesn’t cover the odour but eliminates it.

These Ozone properties are usd throughout the world for both environmental and water disinfection.
Ozone (O3) is an unstable gas that spontaneously breaks down in Oxygen (O2) freeing the atomic Oxygen (O) more rapidly the more the temperature rises.
Diffusione OzOnO was established with the aim of exploiting the properties of this natural gas to their utmost so as to improve the quality of life and reduce the use of harmful chemical products.

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DO3 TREATMENT does not require chemicals and is activated by means of Generator that transforms the Oxygen (O2) in the air, into nearly pure Ozone (O3), without releasing chemical residues.
The Generator has been designed to produce the exact amount of gas required to obtain the best result without causing any contra-indications

DO3 TREATMENT disinfect and deodorize the passenger compartment and the air conditioning system of the vehicle.

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